ALL TOMORROW'S PARTIES is now out in paperback from Grove Press.

"If you’ve ever been young, in love, and desperate to live an authentic life, this book is for you: a ravishing memoir about a young man’s quest for art, meaning, and a place to call home." --Anthony Doerr

“Spillman’s story of rarefied opera culture as a child, and East German nightlife as an adult, is limpid and lively in its telling, and covers fascinating ground. Spillman is endearing and frank in his various adventures.” —Rachel Kushner

Achingly beautiful and brilliantly structured.” —David Shields

Spillman brilliantly—thrillingly—captures the velocity and the changing sounds of youth as it simultaneously hurls away from, and toward, home. This memoir rivets me to the page.” —Nick Flynn

 “Part survivor’s manual, part travelogue, part cultural history, it’s a story of an arts-mad, idealistic, brave young man struggling to make his way—and find a place in the world.” —Michael Hainey

"With wry humor and wonder, Spillman beautifully captures the deadpan hedonism of the East Berliners and the city’s sense of infinite possibility, which, to his frustration, never quite imbues him with his own artistic compulsion. (One is reminded as much of Cyril Connolly’s ­anti-bildungsroman “Enemies of Promise” as Nick Hornby’s culture-­besotted “High Fidelity.”)"

--Will Boast, New York Times Book Review

"Musically and culturally astute, this well-structured book is a delightful coming-of-age story couched within a travel narrative that deftly evokes one of the major historical moments of the 20th century. A richly detailed and always engaging memoir on artistic discovery. "  --Kirkus (starred review)

"Ultimately, his is a quest for roots and writerly authenticity--and his evocation of East Berlin's last days is exquisite and revealing." --Publisher's Weekly (starred review)

"This is the story of formative years spent struggling to fully embrace life at the crossroads of history, art, home, and family."                  --Booklist (starred review)

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